Aeon Mall with Nexnovo transparent LED Display- stunning advertising

Product model:XRW SeriesScreen Size:116sqm
Project Location:ChinaProject Time:2018-07-06

Aeon corporation is a large multinational retail enterprises consisting of 142 companies at domestic and abroad. Aeon is a leading comprehensive retail and service group in Asia, with three headquarters in Japan, China and southeast Asia. It is mainly engaged in shopping center, comprehensive retail (GMS, food supermarket), exclusive shop, financial services, logistics services and convenience stores etc. At present, there are more than 300 companies and 20,000 stores in Japan.
On May 25, the first shopping center - Aeon Mall in Yantai gold beach, Shandong was officially opened. It’s learnt that the project is located in Yantai economic and technological development zone at Changjiang road and Beijing south road interchange, owns building area of 188000 ㎡, is the largest commercial projects in development zone.It has more than 12000 ㎡ restaurant area, 6000 ㎡ entertainment area and 3500 ㎡ sportive shop area etc.
Yantai Aeon sightseeing elevator based on the requirement of advertising media, adopted NEXNOVO XRW series HD transparent display in the design, with glass as a carrier of LED products. It different from other traditional LED display is that without affect the glass transparency, can turn transparent glass screen into advertising media.
The fashionable appearance, HD broadcast performance, with 116 square meters of sightseeing elevator transparent LED display, strong visual impact, not only having played an important role in a department store for attraction, but also to provide a big media advertising for the mall. It enhances the mall atmosphere, arouses the consumers' desire to buy, brings the ‘life” for sightseeing elevator. During the holiday, sightseeing elevator can pass activities and discounts information immediately to the customers, strengthen the brand publicity, also improve the class of the whole mall at the same time, to maximum the effectiveness of the product value.

Project location: China
Product model: 
Pixel pitch (mm):
Display  size:6.72*17.28m