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LED photoelectric glass

NE series




NEXNOVO GLASS LED(NE series)use high density industrial tempered glass as the base material to combine with their patented integrated-IC technology and its Nano film circuits. It can be installed indoor directly behind the windows of building facades and store fronts, or be used as a construction component. NEXNOVO Glass LED will transform any glass surface into a high resolution, high transparency and high efficiency display!


Glass LED with chip integrated-IC

LED chip and ICs combined inside our lamps Precise design guaranteeing stable performance.

LED photoelectric glass screen4

by impacting and personalizing your buildings and store fronts.

NEXNOVO NE series have the feature of building peripheral protection, media display, lighting and more, giving way to new understandings of architectural art and commercial displays. Give your audience a stronger visual effect, by impacting and personalizing your buildings and store fronts.

LED photoelectric glass screen5

NE Glass LED will become a new tend for landmark buildings

revolutionizing the way cities are using lighting. NEXNOVO Glass LED is widely used for building facades, architectural lighting, retail windows, elevator facades, airports, train stations, art museums, media advertising pushing brand recognition, huge commercial spaces and much more.

LED photoelectric glass screen6

Over 90% transparency, fusion of technology with architecture is providing architects new possibilities. With brightness reaching 5000nits/ per sqm, pixel pitches of 10mm to 40mm, including the highest resolution in its field. The content outcome is exquisite and daytime display is still excellent!

LED photoelectric glass screen7

Options to control by Nexcloud system or by an HDMI input port. The NEXNOVO APP platform supports, program management and storage, with also DIY easy content templates. Remotely control the screens by PC or simply use your mobile phones, easy publishing is key!

LED photoelectric glass screen8

Nano materials, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance.Special transparent glue, all in one design.

LED-photoelectric-glass(9).jpg LED photoelectric glass screen10 11.jpg

Technical specifications

LED photoelectric glass

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