Transparent LED display,McDonald's transparent LED poster

McDonald's transparent LED poster

Product model:XT SeriesScreen Size:1.23㎡
Project Location:North AmericaProject Time:2015-04-07

On April 20, 2015, a new McDonald's opened in Louisiana, installed a different McDonald's poster from others - Transparent led display of XT series made by NEXNOVO. Properly speaking, it is a transparent "electronic posters". It is not only light, thin, and easy to install, but also with unparalleled pixel pitch 5mm and 80% transparency. Compared with the normal paper poster, this kind of LED display shows more convenience and realizes timely advertising contents changing. At the same time, it settle down the problems, including being heavy, impermeable, and opaque owned by the traditional screen. 

Attracting more customers, as one of chain restaurants equipped with fancy transparent e-poster.

Drawing more attention from business rival, as one of strong brands suddenly have a sharp weapon.

High pixel pitch(5mm) ensures the customers and passersby can easily attracted by the ad playing.

High transparency(80%) balances the indoor natural lighting and great viewing effect in daytime.

Environment-friendly and paper saving available for e-poster instead of traditional paper poster.

Advanced design &core tech make it energy saving 50% lower than that in market.