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NP Series

Transparent digital poster

NP series,also called as transparent digital poster solves the advertisement for a variety of Retail chain stores.

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For windows advertising all around the world

Transparent digital poster is the best advertising solution for any shopwindows. It can not only update contents easily and won’t block lighting like printed posters but can also remotely and collectively control many screens. Thanks to great improvements in brand image and publicity, transparent digital poster is the most powerful and creative advertising  carrier.


Unparalleled Transparency

Easy Setup

Light Weight

High Brightness

Stable Performance

Central Control

Easy Maintenance

Energy Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Central Control

The display read almost any video and images content format such as jpg, jpg, png, mov, wmv, mp4, etc. You can remotely control, monitor and update content from a control server. Make sure communication to your customers are instant and synchronized.

Technical specifications


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