Shanghai Rolls-Royce with transparent LED display

Rolls-Royce with NEXNOVO transparent LED display

Product model:NS SeriesScreen Size:8㎡
Project Location:ChinaProject Time:2017-08-18

Someone may feel amazed why two Rolls-Royce stores employ the transparent LED display almost at the same time. Are the products high-quality, high-tech and high-end enough to serve the well-known brand, or is it an reliable and credible company who deserves to be trusted? The following products parameters can answer you.

Customized-dimension(1m*2m*4)maximizes meeting the window glass size.

High pixel pitch(3.9*7.5mm)ensures a closer viewing distance with clear performance, which is a particular need for luxury brand store.

Clean structure design with high transparency creates additional high end element, and meanwhile leave no effect on the indoor natural lighting.

Flowing lines and curves could be the most eye-catching for the potential customers.

Rolls Royce.jpg